School Age Summer Program

School Age Summer Program

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Appleseeds Academy 2022 Summer Program

Ages 5-12 With Kalei and Natasha

Weekly Summer Reading Program

Wednesdays, we will walk over to the library to check out a book. The first week will be making sure everyone has a Library Card, a tour of the facility, and how to check books in and out. From there we will visit the library weekly to turn in our books and check out a new one. After our visit we will have a picnic on the grass outside of the facility near the playground.

Week 1: 

Intro Week~Although most students already know each other, we do have a few new students.  We will take this week to review our school rules, show students our campus, and get to know one another. We will have a variety of ice breaker games and take this week to build bonds with each other and get acquainted with the facility and others.Week 2

Week 2

Bubbles Week~ Who doesn’t love Bubbles! This week we will work with bubbles. We will be making our own bubble wands, experimenting to figure out the best way to make bubble soap, and learn new ways to create bubbles.  

Week 3

STEAM Week~This week will be all about STEAM activities. We will be doing activities geared around your children’s ages to make them think, learn, and have fun!

 Week 4

Water Week ~ Water week is always a hit! It’s so nice to have an excuse to get wet and play in water. Every day we will have a new water activity from water gun fights to water balloon games. Then ending the week with a big slip and slide and sprinkler party. Let’s hope for warm weather this week. In the event the weather is not cooperating we may move this week around.

 Week 5

Fitness Week~Moving is one of the greatest things we can do with our bodies. We will use this week to exercise our bodies and get into fitness! Think of it as PE week. We will also talk about the foods we put into our bodies and what we should be eating in a day.

Week 6

Culture Cooking Week~Cooking is always a favorite! This week we will be traveling around the world and every day we will cook food and learn about the culture from a different part of the World. 

 Week 7

Science Week~Children will be able to suggest different things they want to learn and experiment on like making a solar oven or making our own motorized car with a battery. This is where we get to experiment bringing out the Bill Nye in us.

 Week 8

Field Week~We will spend this last week of summer outside. We plan to play field games and be outside as much as possible.


**All the above is subject to change and we may incorporate more activities pending enrollment and availability with community partners.