Pre-school & TK Enrollment (English)

Are you interested in joining Appleseeds Academy?  We cannot wait to meet your child!

Our Mission is to educate and nurture each child's individuality within a culturally diverse, bilingual community so that every child develops a true passion for learning and a strong sense of community.

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Checklist of required documents 

☐ Appleseeds Academy Admissions Agreement

☐ LIC 703

☐ LIC 701 (Click here to download form) – Bring to your child’s physician and they will fill out the form. A copy of Immunization Records is required.

☐ LIC 702 (Click here to download form)

☐ LIC 613A

☐ LIC 627

☐ LIC 995



☐ Birth Certificate

☐ Parent Handbook